Launching, trueRESPONSE – a powerful toolkit app for Community Pool Testing and Action Management

trueRESPONSE toolkit app design as part of the global effort to combat an outbreak of a pandemic disease (COVID-19, SARS, EVD) is available NOW!

The new powerful and integrated toolkit solution app – trueRESPONSE –  designed to improve data collaboration, uniform testing and tracking including mobile and geo-spatial components. It creates a uniform approach to test surveillance, manage and report using predefined geographic areas against population density. The app is an easy to use and integrates patient test data (existing uniform testing data and ongoing test data)  at each “management unit” cell so that health authorities and  local/provincial governments can quantify the local impact in any selected geographical area.

For example, a mobile unit test can be scheduled to each geographical unit cell and perform pool test (16/32/64) with optional patient information recorded or individual tests. Pool tests can result in a positive or negative test for any selected geographical unit areas. The pool test for an outbreak of a pandemic disease (COVID-19, SARS, EVD) would allow expanding current surveillance capacities tenfold thereby enabling the expansion of early detection in the community, as well as in close integral groups, such as hospital departments, army units, factory shifts or long term care facilities.

The new toolkit solution app is fully configurable and all data can be secured or anonymized to meet the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act considerations.  The app supports secure access with various authorities and could be quickly deployed.

New Land Tenure System using truePERMIT framework for New Brunswick!

NEW Land Tenure System for Service New Brunswick government!
Using truePERMIT framework and platform, Pacific GeoTech Systems Ltd. consultants will implement innovative delivery of government services by streamlining the Crown Lands leasing and licensing process. We focus on E-Government solutions & results, including an enterprise business platform for permitting & rights management. More information as the project advances…

New ANNA Mineria, an Integrated Mining Management and Administration System in Colombia

Another successfully implementation of truePERMIT framework in Colombia at Agencia Nacional de Mineria (ANM). Phase I of the new mining cadastre system, ANNA Mineria was very well received since going online in December 2019!

The new integrated mining management and administration system, ANNA Mineria helps prospectors and mining companies in Colombia to efficiently manage mining titles, applications and procedures, allowing them to:

  • Initiate New Applications and Procedures
  • View the Status of your Procedures and Applications
  • View the History of your Titles
  • Perform Searches and Consultations
  • Be Up to Date with Obligations, and more…

The system supports and automates many of the business functions and with the coming Phase II in 2020, it will make ANNA Mineria one of the best mining cadastre system in the world. The configuration and deployment of ANNA Mineria was a collaborative process between the Government of Canada and Colombia Government, Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd,  Comunica Colombia, truePERMIT SAS and Pacific GeoTech Systems (PGTS). This solution is based on the proven truePERMIT framework deployed across Canada, and currently being customized and configured for Agencia Nacional de Mineria, Colombia.

WaLLAS Project Enters Implementation Phase (Manitoba)

Pacific GeoTech is excited to kick off the implementation phase of the Manitoba Water Licencing project.

The project will replace mulitple legacy systems with an integrated online registry and permitting system using our truePERMIT framework.  The new “WaLLAS” system will effectively address water rights management, water control and drainage, and Crown Lands assessments.  WaLLAS will also be integrated into the SAP corporate services.

Manitoba Water Licensing & Land Assessment System (WaLLAS)

PGTS finished the detailed business requirements for the new Water Licensing and Land Assessment System (WaLLAS) project which will deliver a user-friendly, online, spatially-enabled system to allow the regulatory and water maintenance mandate of the Government of Manitoba. Manitoba Water Stewardship has the responsibility for water use and control and drainage works licensing to support the sustainable allocation of surface water and groundwater for various domestic, municipal, agricultural, industrial, irrigation and other purposes.

The PGTS technical team presented the proposed platform for WaLLAS in Winnipeg on May 22, 2015.

New Brunswick Online Mineral Claim System (NB e-CLAIMS)

New Brunswick Online Mineral Claim Registry (NB e-CLAIMS), an online map staking/claim acquisition and administration system, goes live. The new system enables prospectors and mining companies in New Brunswick and worldwide to acquire and manage mineral claims in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the Government of New Brunswick, NB e-CLAIMS supports the preservation of a diverse, changing set of land and resource values for future generations while enabling improved global access to resource development in support of economic growth and employment that sustain vibrant local communities. NB e-CLAIMS enables authorized users to view up-to-date mineral or petroleum claim information on a digital map over the Internet, determine the availability of claims of interest, assess land classifications, acquire, renew or submit requests to acquire or renew exploration rights, make online payments and secure confirmation of such acquisitions or renewals. The system supports and automates many of the business functions including the processing and approval of application and renewal requests, the recording and issuance of licenses, leases, permits and registrations, the determination of annual requirements, the receipt, review and approval of work submissions and the receipt and processing of payments. The development and deployment of NB e-CLAIMS was a collaborative process between the Minerals and Petroleum Branch of the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, Pacific GeoTech Systems (PGTS) and ESRI Canada (Atlantic Region). This solution is based on the proven PGTS Mineral Titles Online (MTO) framework deployed in BC, and currently being customized and configured for Manitoba. Initiated only a year ago, NB e-CLAIMS was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.

Ontario Mining Act Modernization (MAM)

As a component of the Ontario Mining Act Modernization (MAM) project to deliver phase three, the online mining registry cadastre, Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) selected Pacific GeoTech Systems and our truePERMIT platform to develop the online mining system.  The truePERMIT solution will allow clients to acquire and manage mining rights, file work reports, and for Government to monitor, consult and inspect to ensure compliance with the provincial Mining Act.

BC Oil & Gas Commission E-Permit System

Pacific GeoTech Systems (PGTS) was selected by the BC Oil & Gas Commission (BCOGC) to develop their electronic permitting system (E-Permit). E-Permit is designed to be an efficient user-friendly online system focused on enhancing the submission process for oil and gas permit applications.

The system will be driven by a variety of data inputs, documents submissions, and GIS/spatial data uploads. Through automating the processing and analysis of this complex data, E-Permit will streamline the permit application management and issuance processes for the BCOGC.

BC Mineral Titles Online (MTO)

Mineral Titles Online (MTO) enables authorized users to view up-to-date mineral claim information and other reference data on a digital map over the internet, determine the availability of claims of interest, assess land classifications and restrictions, acquire, renew or submit requests to acquire or renew tenures and exploration rights, make online payments and secure confirmation of such acquisitions or renewals.