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More about truePERMIT

Our platform truePERMIT was designed by Pacific GeoTech Systems Ltd. (PGTS) to support mining cadasters,  oil & gas registry and permitting  management systems and water licensing and land assessment solutions. PGTS is a worldwide leader in delivering online enterprise resource management systems.


truePERMIT has been implemented in many jurisdictions of all sizes including some of the major mining hubs in Canada, such as Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia, and internationally in Colombia, South America. Our truePERMIT platform is the next generation (4.0) of resource management systems featuring:
• A process driven model with configurable Business Process Management Workflows (BPMN 2.0).
• A client portal for end users.
• Full GIS capabilities including: online map staking option using spatial grid, automatic land status which improves data management, and increases data integrity and transparency.
• Full resource management capabilities including: permitting, health and safety, incidents, compliance, mobile inspection, digital signature, blockchain, AI, live feed for satellite data on demand.


Since the truePERMIT solution has been deployed in some major mining hubs, a large number of mining companies in the world are using the system, and significant global mining revenue is reported through the deployed systems.

BPM Configuration, Business Rules, Task Management, Smart Checklists

User/ Roles Management, Process Management, Profile Configuration, System Administration

Referral Management, Permit Management, Exploration Program Management, Rights Management

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