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trueRESPONSE is a NEW powerful and integrated toolkit app to improve an outbreak of a pandemic disease (COVID-19, SARS, EVD) early infection detection and testing using advanced data analysis and geospatial components. Health managers and decision makers can use NOW the app as a data collaboration and decision support tool when developing strategies for uniform testing protocols.


trueRESPONSE toolkit app designed to improve data collaboration, uniform testing and tracking including mobile and geo-spatial components. It is an easy to use app that integrates patient test data (existing uniform testing data and ongoing test data)  at each “management unit” cell so health authorities and  local/provincial governments can quantify the local impact in any geographical area. For example, a mobile unit test can be scheduled to each geographical unit cell and perform pool test (16/32/64) with optional patient information recorded or individual tests. Pool tests can result in a positive or negative test for any selected geographical unit areas. The pool test for an outbreak of a pandemic disease (COVID-19, SARS, EVD) would allow expanding current surveillance capacities tenfold thereby enabling the expansion of early detection in the community, as well as in close integral groups, such as hospital departments, army units, factory shifts or long term care facilities.