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What truePERMIT platform does

Other Amazing Features

truePERMIT is an online resource management system that adds value and ensures your digital transformation strategy is successful. We have helped many regulatory agencies in different jurisdictions to overcome challenges that come with transitioning from a paper-based data driven model to a digital process driven system. truePERMIT is a user friendly platform that can support a wide range of specialized technical clients, system managers, private sector clients for whom government services are being provided as well as the general public.

Powerful BPM configuration for optimizing regulatory processes.

Checklists are managed and displayed dynamically based on business rules.

Flexible solution to graphically model and monitor business processes. Improves collaboration by enhancing transparency within the organization.

Unlimited processes and integration with existing business systems. Creates a task based monitoring and control of operations.

A platform meeting accessible standards.

Fully integrated map viewer driven by robust spatial data.