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BC Mineral Titles Online (MTO)

On January 12, 2005, the government of British Columbia implemented Mineral Titles Online (MTO), British Columbia’s online mineral titles administration system incorporating digital registration of titles and documents with e-commerce. The system was built by Pacific GeoTech Systems (PGTS) using its e-government 𝑡𝑟𝑢𝑒PERMITᵀᴹ (tP) platform. The platform leverages advanced integration capabilities, facilitating accurate and streamlined data exchanges with other systems, and interactive map viewers based on the latest GIS (Geographic Information System) technologies, providing users with dynamic visualizations of specific map content.

Essentially, Mineral Titles Online (MTO) enables authorized users to view up-to-date mineral claim information and other reference data on a digital map, determine the availability of claims of interest, assess land classifications and restrictions, acquire, renew or submit requests to acquire or renew tenures and exploration rights, make online payments and secure confirmation of such acquisitions or renewals.

MTO’s immediate impact after its launch instills great confidence in its ability to successfully integrate technology in resource management, marking a transformative era in the province’s mineral titles administration.

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