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New Brunswick Online Mineral Claim System (NB e-CLAIMS) Goes Live!

On Wednesday, April 14, 2010, New Brunswick’s Online Mineral Claim Registry (NB e-CLAIMS), a mineral map staking and claim acquisition system based on the truePERMITTM platform- went live. NB e-CLAIMS empowers prospectors and mining companies in New Brunswick and worldwide to acquire and manage mineral claims to acquire and manage mineral claims in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the Government of New Brunswick, the solution supports the preservation of a diverse and evolving set of land and resource values for future generations, while facilitating enhanced global access to resource development, promoting economic growth and employment to sustain thriving local communities.

NB e-CLAIMS allows authorized users to access up-to-date mineral or petroleum claim information on a digital map via the Internet. Users can check the availability of claims of interest, assess land classifications, acquire or renew exploration rights, make online payments, and obtain confirmation of these acquisitions or renewals.

The system supports and automates many of the business functions including the processing and approval of application and renewal requests, the recording and issuance of licenses, leases, permits and registrations, the determination of annual requirements, the receipt, review and approval of work submissions and the receipt and processing of payments.

The development and deployment of NB e-CLAIMS resulted from a collaborative effort involving the Minerals & Petroleum Development Branch of the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, the prime contractor Pacific GeoTech Systems (PGTS), and ESRI Canada (Atlantic Region). This solution is based on the proven PGTS Mineral Titles Online (MTO) framework deployed in B.C., and currently being customized and configured for Manitoba. Significantly, despite its initiation only a year ago, NB e-CLAIMS was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.

NB e-CLAIMS represents a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainable resource management and efficient accessibility. We look forward to continuously enhancing the system’s capabilities to serve the evolving needs of our users, ensuring a prosperous and responsible future for New Brunswick’s mineral resources and the communities they support.

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