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The truePERMITTM Land solution is your comprehensive enterprise online framework for efficient land management. Designed as a versatile and modular system, truePERMIT Land empowers government land agencies to provide a wide range of cost-effective services and information to external clients.


Our platform offers a suite of components that are specifically customized to streamline the entire spectrum of land management processes, including planning, permitting, inspections, and code enforcement, ensuring that land-related activities proceed smoothly.


truePERMITTM Land empowers land agencies with robust tools for data-driven decision-making in land planning, ensuring decisions are well-informed. It also prioritizes cost-effectiveness by automating processes, reducing operational expenses, and offering user-friendly access for external clients.


Transparency and accountability are key elements of modern governance today. truePERMITTM Land ensures that land management processes are transparent and traceable, which fosters trust among stakeholders, public, and external clients, reinforcing the credibility of regulatory agencies.


Lastly, it helps optimize land management, leveraging valuable resources like crown lands and public lands for sustainable development and economic growth.