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truePERMITTM Water is a flexible enterprise framework for Water and Renewable Resources sectors, which simplifies complex business process workflows around water rights management and compliance.


Our spatially-enabled online system supports the overall business process of Water and Drainage Licensing and Land Assessment through automation and streamlining of existing business processes and integration to existing corporate infrastructure. The framework models the key functionality of the resource regulation domain through a structure based on modular software components, integrated and managed to support the robust development of water regulatory applications, and their assessment and management.


truePERMITTM Water represents a transformative solution for the Water and Renewable Resources sectors. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features and benefits that enable government agencies to deliver services more efficiently, automate internal operations, and reduce governance costs.


By choosing truePERMITTM Water , you’re opting for a forward-looking platform that not only simplifies complex processes but also ensures compliance and fosters sustainable resource management.