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AnnA Mineria – A Comprehensive Environmental Mining Cadastre System in Colombia

AnnA Mineria system represents a much greater vision than a typical Mining Cadastre System. Based on truePERMIT framework, the new AnnA Mineria system represents a cultural shift for Colombia Mining, a comprehensive and innovative implementation that is providing certainty, enhanced citizen services and opportunities through a transparent environmental mining cadastre system. AnnA Mineria system represents the commencement of digital transformation within Colombia.

“Digital Transformation” involves changes to infrastructure, security protocols, enhanced online citizen services, providing information for everyone. Managing data integrity, consulting with rights owners and confirming data quality are critical to a successful digital transformation. Collecting and standardizing spatial data and making this mapped information available through a map viewer portal and providing the ability for citizens, industry, communities, investors and government to have confidence in a single source of information supports good decision making. Good Governance.

“Enhanced citizen services”, allowing everyone access to information, certainty and confidence of the information, with an application that is integrated to a number of transparent and efficient business processes.

Internal to Government, complex business workflows that ensure the consistency and standards for decision making to align with the laws that prevail, support efficient and transparent decisions in a timely manner.

“Capacity building” is the result of the digital transformation process, shifting Government resources to proactive administration, supporting increased investment in Colombia.

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