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PGTS Wins Multi-Year Contract to Advance Mining Management in Ecuador With New Integrated Mining Management System

Victoria, BC,  October 27, 2023 – Pacific GeoTech Systems Ltd. (PGTS), a leading global innovator in software solutions for the resource-based sector, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract with the Government of Ecuador for the New Integrated Mining Management System (Nuevo Sistema Software de Manejo Integral de Gestión Minera).The project will advance mining management in Ecuador leveraging our state-of-the-art truePERMITTM (tP) platform, a proven solution with a track record of success spanning over two decades in e-government systems in Canada and worldwide. We are confident that truePERMITTM’s key modules will usher in a new era of efficiency and accountability in Ecuador’s mining sector.

PGTS won the New Integrated Mining Management System contract due to its combined perspective of thorough industry knowledge and IT experience, which has shaped its approach to managing the design and configuration of truePERMITTM to create solutions that fit each jurisdictional governance model.

As Jim Turner, Project Manager, aptly pointed out, “in our view, resource management systems are a critical part of the governance and regulation of the mineral resources of a jurisdiction, which can make an important and significant contribution to economic and employment growth, especially for local communities.”

In a recent [Bloomberg Línea] ( ) article, it was noted that despite Ecuador’s ‘world-class deposits,’ the country’s mining development had not kept pace. However, the Ecuadorian government had anticipated a 40% growth in mining exports for 2022 compared to the previous year, with investments in the sector predicted to exceed 1 billion.

truePermitTM as Ideal Platform for Managing Ecuador’s Fast-Emerging Industrial Mining

As Ecuador embraces the transition into a developed mining nation, the need for a modernized digital system to navigate the complexities of industrial-scale mining management has become increasingly evident.

Our truePERMITTM platform offers both internal and external client portals, incorporating a minimum of four essential components identified by the Ecuadorian government for their new system in order to manage thirty-three business processes. The Mining Rights Management, Monitoring and Control, Financial Auditing, and Geoportal modules will serve as the foundation for the New Integrated Mining Management System, complemented by additional functionalities and customizations as required.

Furthermore, the tP framework boasts advanced integration capabilities with other applications, ensuring real-time access to information and enabling users to seamlessly perform all necessary operations on a centralized platform that encompasses submission, review, assessment, and approval processes.

Leveraging tP’s latest technologies, including GIS (Geographic Information Systems), the new system will also deliver advanced, interactive Map Viewers and customizable business workflows with automated alerts. These features will expedite internal permitting procedures and ensure external clients can promptly meet their title-related obligations so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Committed to efficiency, transparency, and sustainable resource management, PGTS has a proven track record that solidifies its position as leader in technology that evolves with your needs. Through the New Integrated Mining Management System in Ecuador, PGTS remains steadfast in its mission to pioneer web-based  resource management permitting systems, driving streamlined e-government initiatives.

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Daniela Dima

Corporate Communications

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