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PGTS Wins Multi-Year Contract to Modernize Yukon’s Resource Sector with Land Information Registry and Administration System (LIRA)

Victoria, BC, October 13, 2023 – Pacific GeoTech Systems Ltd. (PGTS), a global e-transformation design and consultancy leader, is thrilled to announce its successful bid for a multi-year contract with the Yukon Government, Canada, to modernize and streamline land sector administration through the Land Information Registry and Administration (LIRA) Case and Agreement Management System. The contract recognizes PGTS’ industry-leading expertise and further solidifies its position as a top provider of integrated land management solutions through its award-winning truePERMITTM platform. This groundbreaking partnership between PGTS and the Yukon Government marks a pivotal moment in modernizing land sector administration.

truePERMITTM Provides a Perfect Platform for Integrated Land Management for Yukon Government

The Yukon Government aims to modernize its land interest management, permitting, and inspection processes as a way to support the day-to-day business for the branches of Land Management, Agriculture and Compliance, and Monitoring and Inspection (CMI) within the Department of Energy Mines and Resources.

The Land Management Branch (LMB) in Yukon oversees public land management, allocation, permits, and licenses. Similarly, the Agriculture Branch focuses on land management for farming. Both collaborate with CMI, assessing land suitability, ensuring compliance, and handling inspections as part of land management.

In alignment with its commitment to open and transparent governance, the Yukon Government has moved in recent years to a more open and transparent administration, seeking to improve online services and provide the public and industry with streamlined access to land-related information and applications. As a part of this mission, the Yukon Government has increased the availability of online services to help the government and public users discover or manage their land application and land interest via web portals.

However, a modern system was deemed necessary to cope with the increasingly complex demands placed on Yukon’s land sector governance. The online systems currently in use were both built on a 30-year-old technology. They cannot adequately meet the challenges of a fast-evolving industry and support business efficiency, as they are antiquated, unreliable, and do not provide all the necessary tools and interoperability to enable the branch to deliver high-quality services to clients and industry.

As such, a newer, more technologically advanced system would enable quicker access to government information, allowing for more effective communication between departments and clients, and providing a more robust set of tools to collect payments, issue instruments, review case files, or consult with stakeholders.

PGTS’s truePERMITTM platform – a comprehensive and reliable electronic land tenure management registry system successfully implemented in major Canadian and international hubs – was chosen replace the outdated systems and serve as the basis for LIRA’s development. The project will accomplish specific business goals and offer a multitude of benefits, as follows:

· Streamlined Operations: enhancing business processes and efficiency
· Enhanced Data Integrity: ensuring accurate and secure data management
· Improved Client Services: enhancing communication and data accessibility
· Increased Transparency: providing transparent access to government information
· Streamlined Stakeholder Consultation: facilitating engagement with First Nations and stakeholders
· Significant Risk Reduction: minimizing liability and program interruptions
· Infrastructure Modernization: replacing outdated technology to ensure uninterrupted services
· Greater Flexibility: adapting to evolving service delivery needs and program changes

Eugen Toaxen, CEO at Pacific GeoTech Systems Ltd., commented on the significance of this project:

“PGTS’s truePERMITTM platform leverages features, functions and modern technologies designed to empower the Land Management, Agriculture and Compliance, and Monitoring and Inspection (CMI) branches of the Department of Energy Mines and Resources. The focus is on the business functionality and our goal is to provide a government framework through a modern, flexible, and agile case management system that will support ongoing and continuous service delivery improvements and program changes in Yukon.
We’re dedicated to optimizing complex processes and delivering a solution that aligns with the government’s objectives.”

For further information, please contact:

Daniela Dima
Corporate Communications
250-380-2429 ext. 138

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