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ANNA Minería: an Integrated Mining Management and Administration System in Colombia

The Agencia Nacional de Minería (ANM) in Colombia has embraced the truePERMITTM framework, marking a successful Phase I implementation of their new integrated mining management and administration system, ANNA Minería. Since its launch in December 2019, ANNA Minería has garnered significant praise and adoption within the mining industry.

This advanced system empowers prospectors and mining companies in Colombia by streamlining the management of mining titles, applications, and procedures. With ANNA Minería, users can effortlessly:

  • Initiate New Applications and Procedures
  • Monitor Procedure and Application Status
  • Access Title History
  • Conduct Efficient Searches and Consultations
  • Stay Compliant with Obligations
  • and more….

ANNA Minería not only supports these essential functions but also automates various aspects of mining business operations. Phase II, scheduled for 2020, will further enhance ANNA Minería‘s capabilities, positioning it as one of the world’s premier mining cadastre systems.

The successful configuration and deployment of ANNA Minería were made possible through a collaborative effort between the Canadian and Colombian governments, Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd, Comunica Colombia, truePERMITTM SAS, and Pacific GeoTech Systems (PGTS). Built upon the tried-and-tested truePERMITTM framework, which has proven its effectiveness across multiple provinces in Canada and internationally, ANNA Minería is being rigorously customized and tailored to meet the specific needs of Agencia Nacional de Minería , which is the main regulatory entity of the mining sector Colombia.

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