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NovaROC: Canada’s Best Online Registry for Staking Claims

Launched in August 2013, Nova Scotia’s NovaROC system represents a significant leap forward for the province’s resource management, proudly delivered by Pacific GeoTech Systems Ltd. (PGTS) using the 𝑡𝑟𝑢𝑒PERMITᵀᴹ platform. According to the Minister of Environment, this achievement is particularly noteworthy because the mining and quarrying industry plays a pivotal role in Nova Scotia’s job creation and economic prosperity. It provides thousands of jobs, primarily in rural areas, and contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the province’s economy annually. Mining stands out as the highest-paying natural resource industry and ranks among the highest-paying industries overall in Nova Scotia (Mining Association of Nova Scotia).

Moreover, the implementation of NovaROC has propelled Nova Scotia from the 51st to the 14th position among 93 global jurisdictions, signaling a significant improvement in the policy and administrative environment that encourages investment, as recognized by the Fraser Institute’s “Survey of Mining Companies 2011/12.” This achievement underscores Nova Scotia’s commitment to fostering a favorable climate for resource investment, ultimately benefiting the province’s economy and communities.

In line with the Canadian legislation, surface rights in Nova Scotia are typically owned by landowners, while subsurface rights remain under Crown ownership. This division of ownership has historically resulted in conflicts stemming from claim-staking activities, which are often labor-intensive and require extensive on-site work. The NovaROC system emerges as a transformative solution, representing a modernization of the Registry of Mineral and Petroleum Titles. It achieves this by offering swifter access to mineral rights information and facilitating clients’ ability to acquire and manage mineral rights via the Internet. NovaROC now extends its reach to government agencies, prospecting and mining companies, as well as the general public, providing them with immediate access to mining land status information from any corner of the world. This digital advancement not only enhances communication but also significantly reduces potential conflicts. NovaROC’s implementation marks a significant stride towards greater efficiency and transparency in mineral rights management.

More easily accessible information is a hallmark of improved education and understanding, as well as transparent decision- making. Users can effortlessly conduct queries, retrieve attribute data on land, and download maps at various scales. Industry players benefit from access to information about available land for acquisition and details regarding current holdings. This seamless access facilitates economic development, particularly during the exploration and development phases.

Using the 𝑡𝑟𝑢𝑒PERMITᵀᴹ e-government platform, the NovaROC system has revolutionized the initial and vital stages of mining development, transitioning from bureaucratic processes to cost-effective and efficient methods. This transformation yields numerous economic development advantages, enabling the government to fulfill its responsibilities, such as utilizing provincially owned land for public benefit, safeguarding assets for future generations, promoting new forms of economic development, preserving jobs in rural communities (where much of the land is located), nurturing and safeguarding local economies, spearheading the development of green technologies, and emphasizing the values of responsible stewardship. NovaROC’s multifaceted benefits underscore its pivotal role in driving economic growth and promoting good resource management practices.

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